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“I want what I do to matter.”

“I want to stop believing that there’s something wrong with me.”

“I just want to get stronger so _ _ _ _ _ doesn’t affect me any more.”

“I just want to believe that I am ok.”

I want to help you take chances. I want to help you make the things you hope for become reality. I want to help you accept all parts of yourself and to trust your internal compass. I want to help strengthen your connection to the big picture of your life, so the little things have more of a context. When we find belonging in ourselves we can find the belonging we seek in the world.


In an atmosphere of nonjudgmental acceptance and confidentiality, our psychotherapy sessions are an opportunity to address whatever issues or experiences are holding you back. We will work at a pace and toward goals determined by you, but that include challenges and new ways of relating and framing. Sessions utilize a variety of tools to access the feelings underneath the thoughts, to include the body along with the mind, and to strengthen skills of containment or fluidity as is needed by you. 

Please see my approach section to learn more about how we might work together. You can also contact me using the button below.