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Do you have things about yourself that you want to change, patterns that make you unhappy, past experiences that are impacting the present, hopes that aren't quite being realized? Psychotherapy might be the perfect place to take some important next steps.

In an atmosphere of nonjudgmental acceptance and confidentiality, our psychotherapy sessions are an opportunity to address whatever issues or experiences are holding you back and to strengthen your relationship to yourself and to your own internal compass. We will work at a pace and toward goals determined by you, but that include challenges and new ways of relating and framing. Sessions utilize a variety of tools to access the feelings underneath the thoughts, to include the body along with the mind, and to strengthen skills of containment or fluidity as is needed by you.

The foundation of our work together will be supporting the relationship between mind and body so the two can be allies and can be each other's support system. This also creates more room for the feelings to find their place of belonging; their home. With the three centers working together there is more availability to ourselves as we actually are, to life as it is actually happening in the moment. Our reactivity decreases and our ability to respond increases. 

The foundation of presence also plays a key role in change. As we nurture body-mind connection, I will help you to see and be with your present moment experiences and whatever your internal reactions are.  We will make space for those reactions and we will study the systems or the lenses that have helped you organize your internal world and that organize your current life experiences. This can include utilizing a social justice lens as well as looking at social systems, family systems, gender and sexuality-related challenges, and the overall context of the external world. We will aim to not only see your experiences but to recognize how you are in relation to those experiences. As we sit with whatever the internal reaction or symptom or conditions are (such as sadness, anxiety, anger, depression, etc) we cultivate a new possibility for acceptance of ourselves as we are. And it is from acceptance that we have choice, that we have the opportunity to respond differently. It is through acceptance that we can have a new relationship to ourselves and to whatever has happened or is happening. The event itself hasn't changed but our relationship to it has. Our relationship to ourselves has also changed. 

I want to help you make the things you hope for become reality. I want to help you accept the many parts of your self and your experiences so you can fully trust your internal compass. I want to help strengthen your connection to the big picture of life, so the little things have more of a context. When we find belonging in ourselves we can find the belonging we seek in the world.

This is the opportunity that therapy offers. This is what I hope for our work together. 

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