Relationship with all things begins with relationship to your self.


Therapy is a great way to jump start the process of change.

Finding the right psychotherapist is a very personal process. Central to therapy is how you feel in the room with the therapist. How you feel in the room with this other person listening, being present, seeing you and welcoming in your various parts and challenges. How you feel in the room is important. Sitting on the couch, looking out the window, noticing the space all around you -- those are all ingredients in therapy. In an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and clarity, I am here to support your relationship with yourself. 

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Individual psychotherapy is an opportunity to address whatever issues or experiences are holding you back. We will work at a pace and toward goals determined by you, but that also includes challenges and new ways of relating and framing. Sessions utilize a variety of tools to access the feelings underneath the thoughts, to include the body along with the mind, and to strengthen skills of containment or fluidity as is needed by you. 

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Relationship challenge us to stay connected to ourselves while being in connection with another. Styles of communication, family of origin patterns, issues of identity, sexual history, past trauma, there are myriad issues that impact relationships. I can help you to target specific areas of growth and find new ways of caring for yourselves while caring for each other, allowing for more harmony, satisfaction and a sense of freedom.

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