Couples / Relationships

Are you and your loved one stuck in habitual roles?

Do you have the same fights or the same disappointments over and over?

Do you struggle to get both of your needs met?

Do you want more from your relationship but you don’t know how to get there?

I am here to support both of you as individuals and in your relationship.

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It is possible to discover new ways of being and to cultivate increased empathy and understanding; you both deserve to have your needs met. Our sessions together can help you to re-energize the intimacy, acceptance, and love that you want. You can find ways to “fight better” and to "repair better" as well as develop tools for difficult and meaningful conversations. You can find a "third way" that helps nurture connection even when things are difficult.

Using tools from Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy as well as psychodynamic and insight-based approaches, I support the process of bringing experiences into the room wth aliveness and compassion. I help you to hear each other's needs and your individual ways of giving and receiving love. I help to support boundaries and fluidity, collaboration, independence, and interdependence. 

With an authentic non-judgmental openness, I welcome the many parts of each of you into the room, providing safety for difficult conversations and empathetic listening. I help you find balance between meeting your own needs and the needs of your relationship. Your uniqueness is an asset and I’m here to support you both.

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